3 Local Coffee Shops That Have Become Huge Successes

Seattle is the home for all the coffee lovers out there. Why not? Seattle is where the big hit Starbucks was born. The success of Starbucks inspired other entrepreneurs to start their own. Where else would they go? Of course, there’s no better place to start than Seattle. Let me show you three local coffee shops that started small in Seattle but earned their name.

1. Zoka Coffee


Zoka Coffee was born in the year 1997 in Tangletown. Believe it or not, the founder of Zoka Coffee Jeff Babcock was inspired by Starbucks when he was still a student. He felt something special with Starbucks, and he wants to give that feeling to others who will be drinking his coffee.

2. Diva Espresso


Diva Espresso was founded in January 1992. The company also experienced struggles but with continuous hard work, it did not only survive but succeed most importantly. The massive success gave birth to Highlands Coffee Company which is the independent custom roaster for Diva Espresso.

3. Caffe Ladro


Caffe Ladro started 1994 by Jack Kelly thinking of what the customers want specifically rather than just providing what they already have. It serves coffee in a custom way on how someone likes it. It could be less sugar, more foam, not too hot and other things that customers ask. It is the masterpiece of Caffee Ladro.

From the success stories of these three local coffee shops, we can learn that having a prominent competition in the market is not an excuse for someone not to succeed. We just have to use it as our leverage and make it our motivation.

Don’t forget to visit these coffee shops and taste the best variety of coffee that Seattle has been proud off. It is the center for world coffee brewing and roasting, so expect nothing but the best.